How To Be A Cat Person While Actually Hating Cats


Cats were the most annoying animals for me, and as a dog person, I had never considered getting one. Until that moment.


  1. Posted by 08c9d70e2788c5425c09d9d53a94f4, — Reply

    Cats are so cute

  2. Posted by bbrawlyou, — Reply

    I love cats but I'm a dog person

  3. Posted by lilypusheen, — Reply

    Yeah, not everyone is a cat person, I could never love a cat as much as I love my dogs

  4. Posted by GreenstoneEir, — Reply

    My husband grew up with dogs, but is now a diehard cat person. He spoils them more than me, and he even builds shelters for the street cats.

  5. Posted by cl_kennett, — Reply

    Cats Rule !!!!

  6. Posted by veraclaes56, — Reply

    ik hou van katten....katten zijn niet gemeen ,maar soms zijn mensen wel heel gemeen.

  7. Posted by cadence8789, — Reply

    I am a cat person 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  8. Posted by SeptemberFire9, — Reply

    I despise cats, filthy vermin.

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